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3 X HOPRA Grand Champion

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Tune-up existing cars, Tweak Endbells, Cut Comms, 'Zap' magnets, gear lightening, etc

Building of Wizzard Storms, Slottech Thundercats, Viper V1s, and BSRT G3 kits purchased by customers


Custom painted H.O. scale slot car bodies and trimming services


Things I've Worked on Recently

Hyper-Volt Pick-Up Shoes
2021 New Race Box
2021 New Race Box - Top
Sammy Memorial
Sammy Memorial
Hyper-Rev Axles
Hyper- Speed Motors
Hyper-Force Endbells
RPMs Parts Display
RPMs Painted Bodies
RPMs Paint Job
RPMs Paint Job 2
Custom Slot Car Body
3D Printed Pit Box
Revised 3D Printed Controller Stands
3D Printed Axle Box
3D Printed Axle Box
3D Printed Axle Box
Viper CMPM
Fusion Super Stock
RPMs Pit Pad
Hyper-Rev CMPM Axle
Hyper-Rev CMPM Gears
New Pit Box(es)
T1 Neo Mod
Cheetah Unlimited Car
Storm Neo Mod Winner!
TWM Super Stock Motors
5a, 30v Power Supply
Slot Car Break-In Track
Tweaked Endbells
RPMS Bridge at YMSP
2017 HOPRA NATs Trophies
Our work


Like the great Ricky Bobby once said, "If you're not first, you're last!"  My aim is to help you get your cars to the top of the podium!

Whether you want a brand new 'hot rod' built, or just need a tune-up, I'm here to help, and have the background to get it done!  You'll get what you pay for, and that's winning equipment, tuned by a champion!  With the skills passed on from my father, Tony Porcelli, I hope to keep the winning tradition of the Porcelli Name Alive.




Some of My Accomplishments:

32 years of H.O. Racing Experience under my belt

2022 HOPRA Super Stock National Champion

2019 HOPRA Nationals Grand Champion

2019 HOPRA CMPM National Champion

2019 HOPRA Super Stock National Champion

2018 H.O. LeMans Winning Team (Wrun Wragged)

2018 HOPRA Super Stock National Champion

2017 HOPRA Nationals Grand Champion

2017 HOPRA Unlimited National Champion

2017 HOPRA Super Stock National Champion

2017 Midwest Championships Overall Champion

2017 Midwest Championships CMPM Champion

2017 Midwest Championships Unlimited Champion

2015 HOPRA Neo Modified National Champion

2008 HOPRA Nationals Grand Champion

1996 Polymer Modifed UFHORA National Champion

30+ HOPRA Nationals Main Events

3 Time MARC East Coast Champion

13 Club Championships between 2013 & 2020

150+ Club Victories between 2013 & 2020

Slot Car Champions


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