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This is the next Evolution of the Dire Wolf.  Now Includes full brass pan, 3D printed upper chassis with center hinge& body posts, multi guide positions, hangar lock-snaps, ball bearing read-end, and more!


Dire Wolf v3 Parts List

1x 3D Printed Dire Wolf Chassis

1pr 3D Printed Hangar Caps

1pr 3D Printed Pickup Shoe Spacers

1x Laser Cut Brass Rear Bottom Plate

1x Laser Cut Brass Front Bottom Plate

8x Chassis Set Screws

2x Chassis Limit Screws

1x Guide Pin Set Screw

2x Motor Screws

1x N20 Motor

1x Length of .025” Piano Wire (Cut in Half for Chassis Limiting)

1x Length of Orange Wire

1x Length of Purple Wire

1x Independent Front Set

1x 7t Pinion

1x Hyper-Rev 22t Purple Gear

1x Rear Axle

2x Ball Bearings for Rear Axle

NOT INCLUDED – Pick-Up Shoes, Pick-Up Hangars, Pick-Up Springs, front tires (recommend .385), Rear Tires (Recommend .460), Body.

Dire Wolf v3 Kit (NOT full Car)

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